[2019.4.19_Paradise Art Spacce] Ivan Navarro_

[2019.4.19_Paradise Art Spacce] Ivan Navarro_"PRISM FANTASY: New ways to view light" Group Exhibition

Participating Artists:Iván Navarro and 10 Artists
Exhibition Date: April 19-August 18, 2019
Exhibition Venue: Paradise City Art Space, Incheon, Korea

Neon artist, Iván Navarro will be participating in "PRISM FANTASY: New ways to view light" at the Paradise City Art Space in Incheon. This exhibition will offer audience an opportunity to enjoy "light" from daily life in completely new ways through installation works that will stimulate the basic five senses from many perspectives by internationally renowned artists. The audience will be able to feel and experience wide spectrum of so-called medium, light, from artworks that apply natural sunlight to scientifically developed light.