[2018.10.13] Park Hyunki_

[2018.10.13] Park Hyunki_"Institute of Performance Art: Tokyo" Group Exhibition

Participating Artist: Park Hyunki
Exhibition Date: 2018.10.13-2018.11.11
Exhibition Venue: Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo

Gallery Hyundai is pleased to announce Park Hyunki's participation at "Institute of Performance Art: Tokyo" Group Exhibition. Since its opening in 2001, Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) has collaborated with overseas artists and curators, art centers, cultural institutions, and other parties to put on exhibitions and related programs. TOKAS is launching TOKAS Project in 2018, a program to explore various themes such as art and society from a multicultural viewpoint. In TOKAS Project Vol. 1, TOKAS is welcoming Victor Wang, a curator based in London and Shanghai. "The Institute of Asian Performance Art: Tokyo" exhibition introduces three pioneers in video art from Japan, China, and South Korea while considering performance art and media.