[2018.4.10 63ART] Yang Jung Uk_63 New Artist Project <City Impression> Group Exhibition

[2018.4.10 63ART] Yang Jung Uk_63 New Artist Project Group Exhibition

Participating Artist: Yang Jung Uk and 3 artists
Exhibition Date: April 10-September 2, 2018
Exhibition Venue: 63 Building, 60th Floor, 63ART

63ART presents first exhibition of year 2018 with 4th Annual New Artist Project Exhibition entitled . New Artist Project is a project dedicated to support young local artists with potentials by selecting two artists every year with a specific subject and every two years, four artists are introduced as a group exhibition in 63ART. This year, four artists focus on the subject of "urbanism" and artist Yang Jung Uk will be presenting delicate and poetic stories of the city through forms of sculptures.