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  • Void
  • Becoming and Extinction
  • Disappearance
  • Untitled
  • Painting 78-1
  • Installation view of 《Lee Kang-So: Disappearance》, 2018
  • Installation view of 《Lee Kang-So: Disappearance》, 2018

Lee Kang-So: Disappearance
New Space

Gallery Hyundai is delighted to present Lee Kang-So(b.1943)’s solo exhibition, Disappearance. The exhibition title came from the title of Lee’s work introduced his first solo exhibition held in 1973. It embraces artist’s interpretation and interest on the concepts that he has spent exploring over past four decades; the concept of cosmos, the orderly system of nature, and becoming and disappearance. The exhibition will feature artist’s early works that now became his classics. The exhibition includes Disappearance, Bar in the Gallery, the work that was shown in his first exhibition in 1973, and his another performance piece, Untitled 75031, first shown in 1975 in Paris Biennale. The exhibition will offer the audiences chance to review his performance works held in 1970s and understand Lee Kang-So’s oeuvres in depth.

Lee Kang-So presented his experiments by working with various media including painting, video, performance, installation, photography, and pottery. After graduating Painting Department in Seoul National University in 1965, Lee currently lives and works in Anseong, Korea. He went to State University of New York at Albany as a visiting artist in 1991 while working as a professor in Gyeongsang University. Lee joined Studio Artists Program, P.S.1 in New York. His work is in numerous public and private collections including international collections such as National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea; Seoul Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Seoul, Korea; Daegu Art & Culture Hall, Daegu, Korea; Open Air Sculpture Garden Asadal, Gyeongju, Korea; The International Museum Of 20th Century Arts & Cultural Center, Laguna Beach, California, USA; Written Art Foundation, Frankfurt and Mie Museum of Art, Miegen, Japan.

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