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Chung Zuyoung - Sage Visage Paysage
New Space

Gallery Hyundai is pleased to present Sage Visage Paysage, second solo exhibition by Chung Zuyoung with the gallery, which comprises of ‘Mountain-scape’ paintings portraying various faces of rocks on Mountain Bukhan along with small paintings depicting sceneries of her own hand.

Chung Zuyoung has explored our attitude towards landscape, and of its interpretation, and contemporary meaning. In the innermost place of such investigation, there has been a delicate sense and awareness that something transcending and archaic of human universality is located in our attitude contemplating on a landscape. The ‘Mountain-scape’ of this exhibition representing rocks or shape of mountains which transforms into a face, look , or a form, is based on the same sense and awareness. As we have been instinctively looking for forms of human or animal figures through contemplating on a landscape ― as if practicing Feng Shui — an identical mechanism of recognition works when we appreciate Chung’s ‘Mountain-scape’. Likewise, Chung’s ‘Mountain-scape’ possesses a meaning as a landscape painting reminiscing in regards to an archetypal landscape rather than a landscape painting sketching nature. Consequently, it is a portrait of landscape which “leads our root of cognition to more concrete and archaic dimensions of senses and experiences beyond ideology and abstraction” as written in her note. Thus, at the same time, the small paintings of the artist’s own hand also demonstrate another landscape or archetype.

After receiving B.F.A from department of painting at Seoul National University, Chung Zuyoung studied and received Meisterschüler under professor Jan Dibbets at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany. She participated in the inauguration exhibition of Kumho Museum of Art(Seoul) and Who's Up and Coming at Dong-ah Gallery(Seoul) in 1998, and then in 1999, she had her first solo exhibition at Kumho Museum of Art.. Her solo exhibions were held at various institutions and galleries including Artsonje Museum(Gyeongju, Korea), Gallery 175(Seoul, Korea), Mongin Art Center(Seoul, Korea). Chung’s works are in the collection of Daegu Art Museum(Daegu, Korea), Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art(Ansan, Korea), Museum of Art, Seoul National University(Seoul, Korea), Seoul Museum of Art(Seoul, Korea) and more.

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