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  • Lee Kun-Yong performing
  • Lee Kun-Yong performing
  • Lee Kun-Yong performing
  • The Method of Drawing 76-1-78-2
  • The Method of Drawing 76-1-78-2
  • The Method of Drawing 76-1-78
  • The Method of Drawing 76-2-79
  • The Method of Drawing 76-3
  • The Method of Drawing 76-4-78
  • The Method of Drawing (For Snail’s Gallop)
  • Work A-76
  • Untitled

Lee Kun-Yong 《Event-Logical》

Gallery Hyundai is pleased to present Event-Logical, a solo exhibition of Lee Kun-Yong, who is known to have played a major role in developing Korean performance art as well as experimental art in the 1970s. The exhibition’s title, ‘event-logical’, is a term that Lee has used to refer his performances. From Same Area and Indoor Measurement premiered in 1975 to late 1970s, Lee presented over forty performances during the course of five years. Lee’s idea of using his own body as the most powerful and direct medium for communicating in art resulted in outstanding productivity amongst his contemporaries.

Concentrating on Lee Kun-Yong’s 1970s performances, the exhibition offers an opportunity to examine Lee’s oeuvre in various perspectives by presenting reenactment of his past performances in 1970s, along with photographs, drawings and works created as a result of his performances. Furthermore, the exhibition intends to reflect on Lee’s attitude in pursuit of ‘logic’ as a method of artistic communication within the political and social turmoil in Korea at the time, as well as his unique aesthetics and meditation on body, place and relativity which are the themes heavily dealt in his works.

Being an ‘avant-garde’ in experimental movement of the time, Lee Kun-Yong organized and led the ‘Space and Time(ST)’ and joined the ‘AG(Avant-Garde)’ group in the late 1960s. And by participating in Paris Biennale in 1973 and San Paulo Biennale in 1979, Lee has been acknowledged as one of the key figures of Korean art in 1970s. Lee’s concise actions and logical development known as ‘event-logical’ is acclaimed to have reached the unprecedented stage in Korean performance art, in particular. By gathering works produced in Lee Kun-Yong’s most productive period — his thirties — Event-Logical will provide more in-depth understanding of the oeuvre by Lee who has been maintaining his fierce experimental spirit for more than forty years, producing numerous works of diverse installations, as well as conceptual and performance art.

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