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  • Drawing book-page 9
  • Drawing book-page 19
  • Untitled 04-VI-71 #205
  • RITE
  • Water Drops
  • RITE
  • Ecriture No.000308-2
  • Ecriture No.980630-2
  • Ecriture No.020215
  • Untitled 78-5 (No.17)
  • Untitled 79-7-30
  • Untitled 013-7-4

New Space

GALLERY HYUNDAI is pleased to present ‘AFTER DRAWING’, an exhibition which casts fundamental question on Korean abstract painting that has gathered considerable attention from domestic as well as international art scene over the recent years. The exhibition includes drawing works of 8 abstract painters—Kim Whanki(1913-1974), Kim Tschang-Yeul(1929-), Park Seo-Bo(1931-), Chung Sang-Hwa(1932-), Kim Guiline(1936-), Youn Myeung-Ro(1936-), Lee Ufan(1936-), and Lee Seung Jio(1941-1990)—who hold prominent positions in the Korean contemporary art history.

From Kim Whanki’s drawing book made during 1959-1960, Kim Tschang-Yeul and Kim Guiline’s drawings from 1960s, Chung Sang-Hwa and Lee Seung Jio’s drawings from 1970s, Lee Ufan and Youn Myeung-Ro’s drawings from 1980s to Park Seo-Bo’s drawings from 1990’s, the exhibition offers a rare opportunity to view the heretofore unseen works all at once. By exhibiting the drawings together with the artists’ well known oil paintings in the same space, we hope that the viewers will be able to attain deeper understanding and appreciation of the artists’ oeuvres.

Furthermore, through ‘AFTER DRAWING’ which gathers drawing works that have never been shown publicly, we aspire to bring attention to the unseen drawings of the 8 abstract painters and newly explore the roots of Korean abstract art.

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