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Kijong ZIN : Atheism Report
New Space

GALLERY HYUNDAI is delighted to present Atheism Report, a solo exhibition of Kijong ZIN from December 4th, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016. As his second solo exhibition at the gallery, following his previous show at 16bungee in 2010, his personal experience and existence of god—a rather dense subject of ZIN’s interest—will be wittily presented in various mediums including installations, videos and paintings.

His exploration on the existence of god is an extension of his prolonged interests—falsity and truth, unbelievable incidents, and unresolved truths. In Atheism Report, ZIN questions the largest invisible existence of the humankind. Presenting subjects such as Jesus Christ who performed miracles, myths that are hard to believe, religious decadence and wars that contain irony in a twisted way, the artist sharply questions people’s unconditional faith towards invisible beings and the origin of prayers, guiding viewers to reconsider the actual existence of idolized gods.

Kijong ZIN's whimsical interpretation of contemporary social issues through labor-intensive handwork and media has attracted great attention from the art world. His full-fledged pursuit of career began in 2004. Since then, ZIN experimented with themes such as discrepancy between the way we view the world and the reality and perceptual error that leads to failure of actual judgement.

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