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  • Dancer becoming Zombie
  • That Model
  • Closed window
  • Thief
  • Not me!
  • The Comeback of Frank
  • Frank finished his shower
  • Untitled(After Kippenberger)
  • Pigeon 1
  • Pigeon 2
  • Pigeon 3
  • Ma

Main space

GALLERY HYUNDAI is pleased to present Dead Man, featuring works by Kim, Sung Yoon from September 30 to October 31. Kim has been creating paintings in the style of a 19th century painter named John Singer Sargent. The artist reproduced the images of athletes that took part in the discontinued Olympics sports in the form of photography after researching archives from the past.

The current exhibition introduces new works in which the artist delves into the issues of transitional discontinuation in his practice and artistic development as well as concerns as a painter living in the contemporary world. In each of his new work, Kim employs a unique language of his own to deal with such issues and concerns. By employing a particular setting that is the ‘zombie apocalypse’ in his new works, Kim puts an end to the appropriation of Sargent’s painterly style and provides a glimpse of a new series of works. The hypothetical situation of the world’s end gives the artist freedom of artistic format. At the same time, the artist references his previous studies and concerns on painting. For example, the artists that Kim admires are depicted as zombies and his favorite works are borrowed to become part of his new works through a unique viewpoint. As a way of communicating with other artists, Kim also incorporates the works by others that had relationships with him. Under this context, the current exhibition also presents Kim’s Not me! And Lee, Jeong Woong’s DEAD MAN, which reference each other as a way of collaboration.

Kim, Sung Yoon has been known as an artist who creates works with excellent painterliness and uniqueness. In 2010, Kim presented his works at the GALLERY HYUNDAI’s Window Gallery in 2010 while being an undergraduate student. With much enthusiasm towards his works, Kim had a solo exhibition in 2011 at 16 Bungee, a space that GALLERY HYUNDAI ran from 2010 to 2012. In the exhibition, Kim introduced a series of portraits depicting the athletes from the early days of the modern Olympics, which led him to receive artistic recognition and be awarded the Joongang Fine Art Prize in the same year as the exhibition.

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