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  • Anemone Blues
  • Clytie
  • Fired
  • Healing Time
  • Kneel down to wait for the Judgement
  • Monkey Magic
  • 그릇이 작다
  • 노를 놓치다
  • Last Advice
  • 매듭을 풀다

LEE Jeongwoong: 夢中覺醒
16 bungee

Lee Jeongwoong's paintings reconstruct everyday feelings and its various associated situations from a different point of view into a unique narrative way. Stories that are to be seen on his canvas show his daily thoughts and feelings by intentionally directing the characters' poses or situations and mixing it up with metaphorical subjects. At the upcoming exhibition, Lee will show about 15 works in which dream and reality, past and present coexist, therefore depicting a dreamlike and realistic atmosphere at the same time. Also, this exhibition which is Lee's very first solo exhibition, will feature top quality works for which he prepared more than 2 years. His works already have been recognized by various foreign art collectors through past VIP Art Fair and Korea Art Fair.

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