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  • Dancing Box 2008-30
  • Dancing Box 2008-19
  • Dancing Box 2006-158
  • Dancing Box 2006-153
  • Dancing Box 2006-140
  • Dancing Box 2005-64
  • Dancing Box 2008-43

KIM Bongtae: Dancing Box
Main space ,Dugahun Gallery

Bongtae Kim, a founding member of the ‘Art Association 1960’ and ‘Actuel’, is one of the leading artists who have kept abstract art in Korea alive. He is known for freely traversing amongst materials and modes of expression--painting, three-dimensional works, printing--to realize abstracts that embody the formative aesthetics of Korean roots. Upon finishing his education in the College of Find Art, Seoul National University, Kim moved to the US where he completed a graduate program at the Otis College of Art and Design. He travels between US and Korea and is still very active in his creative endeavors. In addition to this, Kim has devoted himself to guiding emerging artists in several schools, including University of Southern California, Otis College of Art and Design, West Los Angeles College, Seoul National University and Duksung Women’s University. He has also served as the Head of the jury for the JoongAng Fine Arts Prize. His works are prized by many institutional art collectors such as Seoul Museum of Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Government of France and IBM. The latest works are variations on the motif of the box. As the title Dancing Box aptly suggests he depicts the box in either the two-dimensional or the three-dimensional space in an organic and rhythmical fashion. The different colors painted on the two sides of the translucent Plexiglas absorb varying amounts of light, which can create an optical illusion of a box in its original form. The Dancing Box is Kim’s latest achievement that has been developing with his earlier works, namely the Nonorientable, Shadow, and Window series. This series is a crown example of the strong composition and powerful execution of colors that are hallmark of Kim’s art. We invite you to experience the positive vibe of this seasoned artist.

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