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Behind Innocence
New Space

The term ‘Innocence’ is frequently described with adjectives ‘simple’ and ‘unsophisticated.’ There is the ‘youth,’ whom we often relate to ‘innocence,’ with a notion that they are sometimes perceived as psychologically simple and unsophisticated. If images are aesthetically simple and unsophisticated, innocence is also one of the words to describe the style. But is that always what we get is what we see?

Just having a glimpse of the works of Nobert Bisky, Martin Maloney and Anthony Goicolea, it is not difficult to find ‘Innocence’ in them. However, the reason why their ‘innocence’ draws our attention this time is what lies behind their ‘Innocence.’ What each artist hides behind the ‘Innocence,’ are their own versions of sophisticated conceptual layers ranging from psychology, ideology, and socio-politics to sociology.

Gallery HYUNDAI hopes to present the works of 3 renowned international artists, Nobert Bisky, Martin Maloney and Anthony Goicolea, and explore the behind their ‘Innocence

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