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  • Darwin
  • Newton
  • Robot Circus - Paint
  • Robot Circus - Ring Master
  • Robot Circus - Bull
  • Smiler
  • A Puppet
  • Swiss Clock
  • Beethoven
  • Beuys
  • Robot Circus - Big Top
  • Circuit Board
  • Robot Circus - Crown
  • Globe
  • I Never Read Wittgenstein
  • TV Experiment (TV Crown)
  • TV Cello
  • TV - Tulips
  • Vertical Roll TV
Nam June PAIKDarwin1991Two-channel Video sculpture with Monitors, Three Television casings, One Oscilloscope, Various object on Painted panel197 x 153 x 44 cmNam June PAIKNewton1991Single-channel Video Sculpture with Monitors, Television and Radio Casings, Imitaion Plants and Various Objects199x153x52cmNam June PAIKRobot Circus - Paint2004Single-channel Video Sculpture with Three Monitors, Television and Radio Casings and Various Objects179x126x39cmNam June PAIKRobot Circus - Ring Master2004Single-channel Video Sculpture with Three Monitors, Television and Radio Casings and Various Objects174x193x49cmNam June PAIKRobot Circus - Bull2004 Single-channel Video Sculpture with Four Monitors, Television and Radio Casings and Various Objects223x123x42cmNam June PAIKSmiler1992 Single-channel Video Sculpture with Three Monitors, Radio Casings, Clock and Various Objects91x79x23cmNam June PAIKA Puppet1992Single-channel Video Sculpture with Two Monitors, Radio Casings, Neon, Various Objects100x98x27cmNam June PAIKSwiss Clock1988Closed-circuit Video Installation with Four Monitors, Clock and Video CameraDimensions Vary with InstallationNam June PAIKBeethoven2001 Single-channel Video Sculpture with Four Monitors, Audio and Radio Casings, Neon, Clock and Various objects105x80x39cmNam June PAIKBeuys' Only Film1991 Single-channel Video Installation with Television Cabinet, Two Monitors, Neon and Various Objects on Painted Panel216x123x52cmNam June PAIKRobot Circus - Big Top2004Single-channel Video Sculpture with Three Monitors, Television and Radio Casings and Various Objects174x95x38cmNam June PAIKCircuit Board1994 Single-channel Video Sculpture with Eleven Monitors, One Television Casings, Adapter and Acryl Cover on Panel106x52x13cmNam June PAIKRobot Circus - Crown2004Single-channel Video Sculpture with Four Monitors and Various Objects182x99x42cmNam June PAIKGlobe1994Sculpture with Eleven Television Casings and Neon165x153x13cmNam June PAIKI Never Read Wittgenstein1988Single-channel Video Installation with Four Monitors on the Wall Painted in Seven colors Overall Dimensions Vary with InstallationEdition No. 12/12Nam June PAIKTV Experiment (TV Crown)1969Manipulated Televisions with Signal TransformersDimensions Vary with Installation50x76x62cm (Each of Monitor)_1969(1955 Version)Nam June PAIKTV CelloVarious TV MonitorsNam June PAIKTV - Tulips1988Print on Twelve Canvas44x33x2cm (Each of Canvas)Nam June PAIKVertical Roll TV1963Single-channel Video Installation with One Monitor and Signal TransformerDimension Vary with Installation_1965 Version
DoArt Beijing

The name of Nam June Paik connotes many pioneering moments that opened endless possibilities.

The theme that consistently runs through in his art is communication between art and life. As one of the artist of Fluxes group, his performing art was a combination of music and theatre or that of musical behavior and non-musical behavior. His art brought out the viewer from the position where they only listened to the sound of art passively to being the art itself, which in turn initiated more direct shock and stimulation.


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