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Rapport Circus
New Space

Gallery Hyundai is pleased to present Rapport Circus, a solo exhibition of Park Minjoon who has earned a worldwide recognition for his detailed and meticulous painterly style reminiscent of Western classical painting. This exhibition is the artist’s first large-scale solo show in six years since the last one at Gallery Hyundai in 2012. It consists of over twenty new paintings and sculptures that depict an imaginary terrain of the ‘Rapport Circus Troupe’ and the magical scenes staged by characters that inhabit this world.

Rapport Circus is the product of Park Minjoon’s imagination. The artist develops fascinating fictional narratives surrounding a circus troupe, a subject that exists in real life but is often overlooked. The appearance of troupe members in his works are specific and vivid as if he took actual circus performers as models, when they are in fact utterly fantastical figures. From blind acrobat to a blue monkey that converses with a person, the ventriloquist ringleader with gangly legs, a trainer with a tree growing on his head and a knife-thrower, colorful images of a splendid festival unfold on the canvas.

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