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  • Tied Stones
  • Godret Stone
  • Installation View at GALLERY HYUNDAI, 2012
  • Installation View at GALLERY HYUNDAI, 2012
  • 258 Fake
  • Green Campaign
  • Wind from East
  • Wind
  • Untitled

Remember Me
New Space,Main space ,Dugahun Gallery

GALLERY HYUNDAI presents the group exhibition titled Remember Me with the artists, Ai Weiwei, Seung-taek Lee, Chung Seoyoung, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Luca Buvoli and Liu Ding. The ghost may appear in the history of conflict and compromise. As Karl Marx pointed out the ghost of Communism that ruled over Europe in his Communist Manifesto and, as Hamlet found out the cross-joint after him facing the ghost of his father and resisted against social irregularities, we ceaselessly call out ghosts to find possibilities and potential from the crack of a structure. In this exhibition, titled Remember Me, we would like to focuses on the ghosts summoned by these 6 artists, and attempt to find the cross-joint and potential of the structure that forms the contemporary society.

Seung-Taek Lee, Chung Seoyong, Ai Weiwei, Simon Dybbroe Moller, Luca Buvoli, Liu Ding

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