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  • 게임 (My neotonic contribution to Modernism)
  • The artist is not for turning - Relic Gestures
  • On Slow Obliteration, or I’ve Lost Myself
  • Two hundred and fifty nine degrees below every kind of zero
  • Group Portrait - Ten members from a British Council delegation of international curators and museum directors, one British Council representative, six collegues and two gallerists photographed at the artist’s studio, Haggerston, London, April 22nd 2016
  • A Moving Object, or Sticky work
  • Lost In The Complexity Of A Language Of My Own Making (Rubinoa)
  • Key Performance Indicator xi(Habitual Abstraction)
  • I is...(xii)

Ryan Gander’s work manifests itself in different media including sculpture, film, writing, photograph, installation and performance. His work involves a questioning of language and knowledge through associative thought processes that connect the everyday with the esoteric, the overlooked and the commonplace and recontextualization of appearance. He examines the conditions behind art production and the perceptions of art. His work invites the viewer to engage and make connections to invent their own narratives for whatever embedded stories there may be. Recent exhibitions include those held at the National Museum of Art Osaka, Aspen Art Museum, Singapore Biennale, Performa 15, Palais de Tokyo, dOCUMENTA, Guggenheim Museum, Centre for Contemporary Art Melbourne, Manchester Art Gallery, and Museum Dhont-Dhaenens. The artist was born in 1976 in Chester, England and currently lives and works in Suffolk and London. In 2017 he was awarded an OBE for services to contemporary art.

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