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  • Seeking the Center

Han Mook (1914-2016) is a pioneer in Korean abstract painting and consider one of the fathers of geometric abstraction. Born in Seoul, he studied Western painting in Manchuria and Japan before moving to Paris in 1961 at the age of 47 where he lived the rest of his life. His keen observational eye for spatial relationships expressed in the language of geometric abstraction in which he attempted to capture a pureness and absolute that transcended time and space. Upon witnessing the lunar landing, he devoted his practice to introspection of space and time rooted in ideas derived from both Eastern and Western philosophies. This can be seen in the exquisite primary colors imbued in Korean folk tales melded with his meticulous and futuristic geometrical compositions. He hoped that his works could lead the viewer into finding the fourth or unknown dimension via the circulation of cosmic energy embodied on this canvas. The pulsating resonance emanating from the plane surface of the canvas radiates this view of expressing eternal truths of some invisible order.

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