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  • Still-Life Nr.9
  • Still-Life Nr.10
  • Still-Life Nr. 13
  • Still-Life Nr. 18
  • Still-Life Nr. 24
  • Still-Life Nr. 25
  • Still-Life Nr. 28
  • Still-Life Nr. 33
  • Still-Life Nr. 43
  • Still-Life Nr. 49
  • Still-Life Nr. 40
  • Still-Life Nr. 36

Lee Yoon Jean’s (b. 1972) received her MFA in Photography from the Kinstakademie Dusseldorf. Her works of everyday settings are known for their spatial composition and precise description of detail. Her works start from unmediated documentary but are altered via the re-composition of subject matter and delicate lighting. In this way, the concept of the everyday or mundane is refracted via the artist’s view of reality in her hybridized settings. Her education in Germany and the influence of Bernd & Hilla Becher’s teaching can be seen in her explorations. The documentary objectivity and aspects of the composed photography can be traced to the formal frames the artist acquired via the process of understanding and digesting contemporary issues in the photographic medium and especially German photography. Her practice further evolved after studying under Jeff Wall and Thomas Ruff.

She has had group shows at ZKM1 Museum in Germany, Seoul, Museum of Art, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Busan Biennale, and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea

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