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  • Some Library - Very Long Wait
  • Some Library - Very Long Wait
  • Some Library
  • Some Library, or Stroll
  • The Room
  • The Room
  • The Fountain
  • Take a Stroll - A Man
  • Take a Stroll
  • Autumn
  • In the Park
  • Two Houses

Yoo Geun-Taek (b. 1965) is one of the leading next generation artists developing new styles in traditional ink on hanji (Korean mulberry paper) painting methods. His attempts to further the boundaries of traditional ink and wash paintings led him to experiment in new themes, subject matter, materiality and expression. His works explore more intimate subjects of everyday life as opposed to grandiose ideological or spiritual inquiries yet at the same time retain he essential elements of Oriental painting technique. His work moved beyond black and white ink as the artist found the colors inadequate to depict everyday life. Materials he uses range from traditional ink to acrylic and tempera paint, white powder and crayon. His subjects also incorporate icons of Western culture due to their influence on everyday life and culture in Korea.

Yoo received his B.F.A and M.F.A from the Department of Oriental Painting at Hongik University. The artist has held solo exhibitions at the Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo, (2016); OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea (2014); and Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea (2004). Work by the artist is represented in permanent collections of Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Seoul Museum of Art, Gyeonggi Museum of Art, Korea and the Busan Museum of Art.

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